A Full Body Workout Using Sliders

A Full Body Workout Using Sliders

February 12, 2018

When people open our box and see the sliders they often look at us with a big question mark stamped over their face. What are these and how in the world can they have earned the right to be in this box. Well don't worry ladies, we don't just choose any equipment to be in our box. We told you, all the equipment was handpicked to allow for the most varied, efficient and convenient workout programs possible.  

 So behold *drum roll please* the sliders, ladies and gentlemen! 

Below you have a full body workout using only sliders. On the left you have the number of repetitions you should be doing. You can do these 8 exercises three times to maximize results. Let's get to sweatin'!






And voilà! There you have it, a complete workout using our sliders. You can follow us on Instagram @herownfitofficial for a bunch of other fun workouts! 


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