At home training box: working out anytime, anywhere

At home training box: working out anytime, anywhere

January 22, 2018

Once you start working out regularly and seeing results, I don't think it's possible to stop. Once you start feeling the benefits of working out, you just get addicted to feeling great. But what if you've never really worked out seriously and no one's ever showed you what exercises to do or how to do them? Gym's can be intimidating and personal trainer's can be what then? Or even if you do know how to workout, it's sometimes hard to find the time to drive all the way to a gym, wait on machine's, and then drive back home. If alternately you decide to purchase machines and equipment to make a home gym, well I hope you have deep pockets because $$$$$. 


So now what if you want to workout from home without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. That's exactly what I was thinking to myself when Her Own Fit's training box dawned on me. There's this new trend of workout app's that claim to let you workout anytime, anywhere but turn out to be completely misleading. Either they only have body weight exercises that become boring and redundant or they require various pieces of equipment that you end up needing a gym to do. So that's when it happened. I thought to myself, why don’t these app's at least use the same equipment in all their workouts so you can just purchase those and then be set? And then *BOOM* epiphany of the century, the training box was born.  


At her own fit, we thought, what if we could allow people to train efficiently anytime, anywhere. But really anytime, anywhere. Without having to purchase heavy machinery or having to go to a gym. Without doing only boring body weight exercises. The goal was to give people a home gym that fits in a box and allows them to workout no matter their lifestyle. You travel a lot? No problem. You don't like gyms? Still no problem. You have limited time and need a simple yet efficient workout you can do anywhere? We got you. 


We want you to be strong and healthy in the most convenient way possible... so we give you, the Her Own Fit box.  


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