Does counting calories help you lose weight?

Does counting calories help you lose weight?

January 24, 2018

When I first got into the idea of working out and lifting weights, I asked my powerlifter friend for help. He taught me how to squat low, lift heavy and to be proud of my muscles. Lifting heavier than the dude on the squat rack next to me was awesome. I loved the lifestyle of being in the gym all the time, sharing chalk and talking PR's with fellow badasses.  


I wanted to lose some weight when I first started lifting so when my strength had gone up, my friend taught me more about micro and macro nutrients. How you can use apps to calculate how many calories you eat in order to lose weight but still have the energy needed to lift heavy weights. I started doing that and lost about 10 lbs of fat which was what I wanted. But then, even once I had reached my goal, I just couldn't stop counting. If I couldn't weigh the food to count the calories I would under eat to make sure I fell within my set daily intake. Everything was thought out, everything was calculated and it simply wasn't healthy anymore.  


Eating healthy is important but it doesn't mean you have to count, track and make yourself sick over it. The whole counting calories thing helped me be more conscious about what foods are more fattening and I'm not bashing this method of weight management, it simply became too much for me. 


So all this to say, if a method works for someone you know, it may not work for you. You're the one who knows your body best and you should always listen to yourself. Just eat your veggies, try to avoid processed foods and sugars but most importantly do what works for you and what's healthy for your mind, not just your body.  


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