Why healthiness has nothing to do with the number on the scale

Why healthiness has nothing to do with the number on the scale

February 26, 2018

The scale.  

Most people rely on it to tell them whether they are reaching their fitness goals. Don't get me wrong, picking a number as a way to set a goal for yourself is a good start, but the scale definitely doesn't tell the whole story. 

First, your weight fluctuate's tremendously throughout the day. Way yourself when you wake up compared to when you go to bed. Or even before and after a workout. You'll see that your weight goes up and down during the day depending on what goes in, goes out, the amount of water you drink and the different foods you eat. Your real weight loss can be falsified by various circumstances and factors that need to be taken into account. Sometimes you'll feel great but the numbers on the scale won't reciprocate how you thought your progress was going.  

Second, muscle ways more than fat. So as your lifting heavy weights, exercising frequently and eating healthier, you might notice the scale go down slightly and then back up. You make look thinner and feel better but way the exact same amount. That's because your body loses fat but builds muscle. Building muscle is a great thing even though the number on the scale may go up. Strength training actually helps in weight management as it increases your metabolism and helps your body use fat more efficiently to create energy. 

 Source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/f9/43/df/f943df02cfdd60b77965d4285cd2094f--losing-weight-tips-trying-to-lose-weight.jpg 


Third, moderation and consistency are better than strict dieting. Eating healthy is crucial for weight loss but strict dieting and depriving yourself can end up being even more damaging to your long term health. What I like to do is eat very healthy and lean meals most of the time and treat myself on weekends. I work hard at preparing meals and snacks in advance to make sure I don't get stuck snacking on junk but when I feel like treating myself, I do. Creating long term healthy habits will end up being much more beneficial in the long run then having deprived yourself for a few months in order to shed weight all to regain it when you get back to your old habits. The goal isn't to starve yourself into dropping 25lbs in 1 month, it's to slowly get back in shape, adopt healthier habits and learn to love being healthy. 

The scale remains nothing but a number. If you feel great and look at yourself in the mirror thinking "damn I'm looking fine", don’t even bother stepping on that scale. Stop letting yourself get bummed out every time the scale isn't moving in your favor and instead start listening to your body tell you how great your feeling.  





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