Why you need resistance training for your bone health

Why you need resistance training for your bone health

March 12, 2018

So here's a little bit of a back story. The first person who brought me into a gym and helped me discover this passion I have for health and fitness was a powerlifter. This means he showed me how to lift heavy and squat low. I can't even recall how many times I've heard my mom tell me lifting heavy weights is bad for me. Every time she would see me with that bar on my back she would be concerned. And for good reason, god knows mom's are always right (usually). But in this particular case, although a lot of people believe this myth that lifting heavy weights is bad for you, it's actually false. Of course you can get injured lifting weights but only if you don’t know what you're doing or you don't use proper form.   


So why is lifting weights actually crucial for your wellbeing? 


Wolff's law states that bones will grow and remodel in response to force being placed upon them. Yes, that means weights are crucial to the wellbeing of your bone's. People, especially older one's, have a tendency to think weights will damage their bones but this is false. By being careful and using proper technique, weights will actually increase the amount of calcium your body utilizes to reinforce the structure of your skeleton. Your bone density decreases with age, which is why, as you grow older, the importance of resistance training becomes critical. Continued weight training as we age helps promote bone health and helps against osteoporosis.  


With this in mind, at Her Own Fit, we've put together our box to allow people to go at their own pace when resistance training. People of all strengths and skill sets can use the same equipment and use it differently. Your position and body weight allows you to control how much resistance you want and therefore, allows the equipment to stay efficient and convenient for everyone.  


The stronger, the better! 


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